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Zelta Media is a top branding agency in Dubai, offering creative and award-winning branding ideas and strategies to give you dominance and identity in business. We help companies build brands that people love.


We combine the expertise of dynamic designers and other creative heads with strategic approaches and ideas to create brands that communicate with people and deliver results. More than a logo design company in Dubai, we love what we do and devise branding ideas and elements that connect with people and define their brand visions.


Having worked with many companies for their branding and design requirements, we have mastered the art of interpreting the character and persona of a business into elegantly designed themes, ideas, and branding elements. As a top branding agency in Dubai, we are devoted to helping companies achieve their vision, mission, and objectives through captivating logos, graphics, visual aesthetics, and identity elements

We are the best creative agency in Dubai to give you an in-depth understanding of how we help you with branding and designing. We take extra care and effort in detailing tasks like brand research and strategy, naming, identity creation, brand architecture, rebranding existing products & services, designing logos and graphics, and other design elements.


We set clear and transparent goals to position your brand in the best place. As the top branding agency in Dubai, we also help you with organic growth. We formulate holistic approaches for small and large businesses to conceive and conceptualize the brand’s objective and requirements.


We also have expert professionals to revamp your existing brand with the latest trends, emotions, themes, and design elements. We start by auditing your current position and then ideate strategies to give captivating freshness, appeal, and value to your brand. A logo gives your brand identity. Therefore, as the best logo design company in Dubai, we create compelling designs and ideas to life and meaning to your logo.


As a top digital marketing company in Dubai, we give you an all-in-one approach to making your brand unique and successful. We aim to unlock your business potential exponentially using innovative branding and design strategies. As a creative agency in Dubai, we craft effective plans to drive growth and transform your business remarkably.

We realize the mindset of people that shift from brands to brands, and we know the exact reasons why people do so. We have resolved such floating issues hassle-free. We strive to make your brand familiar to a global audience. We use bold visuals and themes to tell your story and create brand awareness.

As a creative agency in Dubai with eight-plus years of experience, we ensure you guaranteed ROI. Our branding and design strategies are tailor-made to connect meaningfully with people. We offer cost-efficient solutions to help small and large businesses create a lasting influence in the market.

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As a top branding agency in Dubai, we audit and analyze your brand’s image, reach, influence, and target objectives to customize strategies and plans. We then identify and create roadmaps to help you reach your goal quickly and carry forward your vision with ease.

We create engaging customer touchpoints using interactive and inspiring branding strategies to express your brand image and value. We also help you cater the brand experience to your audience in real-time. Zelta Media also has experts to develop guidelines for launching and managing your products and services as a brand.


Our expertise in brand analysis, positioning, mapping, and strategy creation helps companies achieve brand consistency and engagement. Customer mapping is a critical process in branding. As the best social media agency Dubai, we study your brand’s existing tone, emotion, and voice. Then we revamp it using boldness, prominence, and class. Our step-by-step approach to branding begins with open communications with stakeholders and partners. We then create a brand architecture to decide the best strategy for your brand. We align the design elements, text, and other visual aesthetics to trigger enthusiasm in the audience mindset.


Rebranding enables a business to perform with more energy and confidence, attracting potential customers, buyers, and stakeholders. Rebranding starts from customizing or replacing your existing design elements with vibrant, bold, and welcoming components.

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