Third-party Integration Services

As a business, you will often need to integrate several third-party applications and tools with your website and software to make the best out of it. And to integrate third-party APIs or tools into your website, you need an expert team who can carry out the ERP integration processes effortlessly on your behalf. 


At Zelta Media, we have an experienced team carrying out extensive API integration services for clients for their websites, ERP software, etc. We have handled hundreds of specialized third-party integration services for customers for ERP integration, amazon integration, accounting software integration, eCommerce integration, etc. We have completed several projects integration projects in e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, classifieds, shipment services, etc. 


Our strategy is to understand the customer needs and identify the requirements fully on a step-by-step approach. We understand and evaluate the customer goals first and offer conclusive suggestions and recommendations if necessary for the integration. After finalizing the platforms, processes, and strategies, we document everything and perform multi-level testing to prevent data leakages or API failures. 

Third-party Integration services 


As a third-party integration services company, we undertake API & ERP integration projects in the following categories.


  • Classifieds

We help you integrate classifieds like Dubizzle, property finder, and Bayut to your website or ERPs. 


  • eCommerce integration

Our team can handle eCommerce services like Amazon integration, Magento, Shopify, and WordPress (WooCommerce) to your website hassle-free.


  • Shipment

We undertake API integration processes with all shipment services in UAE.


  • Gateways

Integrate your website or software with extensive payment gateways like Payfort, CCAvenue, 2Checkout, Paypal, and Telr.


  • Social Media

Connect your social media accounts and platforms like Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., with your website or software. 


Zelta Media is your perfect choice if you need to initiate amazon integration, accounting software integration or eCommerce integration. We integrate third-party APIs or software such as SMS gateways, payment tools, marketing tools, attendance management systems, biometric devices, job portals, banking systems, payroll processing systems, and more into web portals or BI applications.


We let you connect the third-party APIs of your choice to your websites or ERP software and migrate all the data without loss during the website & ERP integration. It will enable you to enhance your productivity and performance. Moreover, we ensure end-to-end security during the integration process and improve your user experience at the optimal level. You will experience no downtime with your website or software during the integration process. 


Advantages of Third-party integrations

Our API integration services like accounting software integration, Amazon integration, or eCommerce integration are focused to offer unmatched and uninterrupted interaction between your website or business software with third-party APIs or applications. 


We provide custom-made API integration services for businesses so that they enjoy all the best and the latest features and functionalities of various applications. And, it is very critical for early startups or other organizations to benefit the most from their tools. 

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Below are the critical advantages of ERP integrations with third-party apps. 

  • Easy to collaborate with already familiar applications
  • Help improve the overall product functionalities
  • Your application stands out from others
  • You have all your application synced with each other
  • Provides all the necessary functions under one roof
  • Boost employee productivity and customer retention
  • Improved social media engagement
  • Faster access to resources and consolidated data
  • Send notifications and alerts to all your customers at a time


Zelta Media ensures that all the custom-made API integrations work perfectly and at an optimal level so that you have continuous performance rates throughout. 


Integrating various APIs into your software or website eliminates redundancies. You don’t need to switch between multiple apps or platforms simultaneously to understand what is going on. Once you integrate the necessary applications and tools into your website, you can sync the data and generate reports seamlessly. 

Another critical advantage of API integration with a website is that it can automate multiple tasks to process information faster. This intelligent data processing will allow you to make better decisions and work more efficiently. 



It also allows users to process various information (vendor, supplier, customer, etc.) automatically and seamlessly in cases like accounting software integration, amazon integration or eCommerce integration. Therefore, you won’t face any interruptions to your supply chain or customer acquisition. On the other hand, ERP integration with payment gateways would enable you to provide a secure and convenient payment method to customers. 



Our expert team lets you integrate third-party apps and tools into your website without losing a single bite of your data. We help you migrate all your data flawlessly and set triggers and processes based on your requirements. We can also help you set automated alerts, notifications, and workflows. 

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