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Design, Marketing 07 May 2022

How to SEO for Cryptocurrency and optimize crypto websites?

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SEO for cryptocurrency? We have been listening to the massive potential of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins recently. We have read many articles and blogs on them too. But, what has SEO to do with cryptocurrency websites anyways?

Since many countries and organizations have started accepting cryptocurrencies like bitcoins officially, we now have several companies and websites claiming to mine and trade in cryptocurrencies. There is a tough competition ahead. How do you stay on the edge of the competition? Well, as for any other website, the answer is the same – SEO.

Let us discuss in this article how SEO works for cryptocurrency brands and how to optimize the website to attract more traffic and growth.

Why do Cryptocurrencies and blockchains need SEO?

Whether it is a normal business site or a crypto site, SEO is essential to take your website in the first page rankings. Earlier, it was easier for crypto websites to place ads on Facebook and Google. Unfortunately, now they have banned advertisements. Google, though now permits US-based crypto wallets, is still an uncertain thing for the moment. So, the only option prevailing is to find the best crypto SEO agency to delegate the task.

SEO blockchain management is the only option to outrun the competition and reach people. SEO for cryptocurrency allows you to attract quality leads and convert them into business. SEO for crypto should be handled by any proven crypto SEO agency for generating maximum results in the business.

If managed by the best crypto SEO agency, your chance to attract organic traffic and leads, engage with the audience, and increase revenue and growth is indefinite.

Basic know-how SEO for cryptocurrency

Best SEO for blockchain uses the below tactics and strategies to run attractive campaigns. Some of the strategies of crypto for SEO include keyword research, offline and online link building, content optimization, on-page & off-page optimizations, etc.

On-site SEO

The best part of on-site SEO for crypto is that you do everything to rank the pages organically on the search engines and bring in traffic. Let’s see what are the common strategies used for on-site SEO for blockchain.

  • Content Optimization
  • Optimization of Headers & Titles
  • Scheme Markup
  • Visual Elements
  • Page Load Speed
  • Mobile-Friendliness & Responsiveness
  • External & Internal Links

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO for crypto is all about building credentials outside your website and attracting traffic. Let us see what are the commonly used off-site SEO strategies for crypto.

  • Link Building or Backlinking
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Competitive Research of The Crypto Market

Strategies to boost SEO for cryptocurrency websites

Let us discuss the SEO strategies to boost SEO for crypto websites and how to measure the SEO metrics.

  • Be Up-to-Date with the Latest SEO Trends for Crypto Websites
  • Update your Site with the Latest Technological Integrations
  • Use Analytics to Gain Insights into what People are Exactly Looking for
  • Analyse and Track Your Competitor’s Progress and Competition Factors
  • Maintain Quality and Offer People Real-Time Data
  • Use Social Media To Create an Influence and Increase Brand Awareness
  • Update Social Media, Guest Blog Sites, and Other Platforms to Get Backlinks and Attract Traffic

Now after you have all implemented various strategies to boost SEO for crypto websites, what matters now is how you measure the metrics. Make use of the following metrics for your SEO for crypto.

  • Keyword Ranking
  • CTA (Click Through Rate)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Session Time

SEO mistakes in Cryptocurrency websites

Even after understanding how SEO for crypto works, businesses are prone to make mistakes in cryptocurrency websites. Let us analyse some of the most common mistakes happening in this sector.

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Avoiding Long-Form Content
  • Single Page Website
  • Content Duplication
  • Broken Links

Keyword stuffing in pages, articles, and blogs is one of the common mistakes happening in SEO for crypto sites. Ensure to maintain a 1-2% keyword density. You must make sure that a keyword repeats only after a minimum of hundred words, else, it would be difficult for SERP ranking.

Content length has no direct role to play in ranking. Yet, it is easier to rank with a 2500-4000 words article than with a short one. Single-page websites do not make sense these days. Multiple landing pages, quick navigation, responsiveness, etc. play a significant role in ranking.

It is also critical that you must eliminate redundancies, keyword stuffing, and unwanted information from the website. You must also make sure to avoid plagiarism of any kind on your website. Broken links are also a matter of great concern when it comes to organic ranking. Therefore, audit your websites once in a while and replace all broken links.


SEO for crypto is gaining popularity these days in the cryptocurrency and SEO blockchain industry. It is advised to dedicate a team to handle the SEO for crypto sites as the market is tough and competitive. Online marketing is never-ending.

Whatever you learn and try to implement, please be aware that it takes time for SEO strategies and policies to come into effect. Our advice is to do your research and analysis prior to deciding on an SEO partner. Keyword research, competitor analysis, and clearly defined objectives are a must for organizations when it comes to creating winning SEO strategies.

Approach a company like Zelta Media to rank your websites organically and quickly. It will give you guaranteed ROI. A proven SEO agency will also make sure that you have a dedicated account manager to call upon at times of urgency. They will provide you with detailed insights and reports every week and month, and guide you through the process and training. All the best with your crypto business.

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