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Design, Marketing 23 May 2023

The Future of SEO With AI: What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead of the Curve

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The Advent of a New Era in SEO and the Importance of Avoiding Excessive Fixation on AI or Search Engines

Being the best SEO agency in Dubai, it poses a challenge to associate the words “death” or “dying” with SEO. Nevertheless, we will delve into a discussion about the future of SEO, acknowledging the prophetic nature of such a topic based on past experiences and current observations.

Change can be intimidating, and the SEO landscape has witnessed its fair share of transformations. However, one constant factor remains: search engine users still rely on discovering our organizations, brands, and clients through search engine results.

Over time, we have witnessed the rise of direct answers, increased prominence of advertisements, and various other factors that have reduced exposure and click-through rates from organic search results.

Yet, we have not encountered the worst-case scenario thus far. The SEO industry has continually adjusted and grown stronger, adapting to the evolving challenges.

How Does AI Impact SEO?

Let's explore the implications of all this and consider whether SEO remains relevant or viable in light of the growing influence of AI.

The response to both questions is rooted in a fundamental constant that I believe will persist.

Regardless of the evolving appearance of search engines or the specific platforms people use to access information, brands and companies will always strive to be discovered by their target audiences.

Whether through Google, an AI-powered source, or even on household appliances like refrigerators, the objective remains the same: establishing a connection between brands and their desired audience.

This connection can be facilitated through various means such as chatbots, AI technologies, connected devices, voice assistants, or even sentient robots that become part of our daily lives.

Undoubtedly, we may encounter instances of spam and irrelevant content amid the remarkable advancements, but as with any new development, we must patiently wait and observe the outcomes.

How to Effectively Utilize AI

Embrace and make the most of it! In a time when resources are becoming scarce and teams need to be highly creative for their clients, AI has been a valuable asset.

Although content quality remains crucial in the current landscape, the use of AI will lead to an increase in the production of “good” content. However, it will become a commodity swiftly. This implies that there is still an opportunity for creating “great” content, which can ultimately succeed.

To be specific, if we are employing AI to generate content, so is everyone else. The question is, how can we humanize it and ensure it aligns with our brand and resonates with our target audiences?

While we don't advocate completely relinquishing content strategy to AI, it can serve as an excellent research assistant and aid in generating initial drafts.

It is important to test and utilize AI, while also comprehending its current capabilities and limitations, as well as staying updated with each new version released. Disregarding or avoiding it altogether would not be wise.

What if People No Longer Rely on Google?

In the future, it is possible that Google's search engine and results may become less significant as more consumers transition to AI-powered sources for obtaining information, or as information is delivered to them directly.

Even if Google ceases to be the primary interface for mobile, desktop, or voice searches, it will still remain an immense data source for AI. It possesses the most extensive collection of information. Therefore, despite initial disappointment, it could ultimately become the frontrunner.

Regardless of the outcome, our primary focus as SEOs should always be on consumers, businesses, and individuals seeking products, services, solutions, and answers. If we become too fixated on search engines and neglect our target audiences, we lose our perspective and fail to connect. This has always been true in the field of SEO and will continue to be so, regardless of the circumstances.

What Actions Should We Take at Present?

It is important for all of us to continue implementing effective strategies that yield results in the present while keeping an eye on the future. Maintain a strong focus on technical, on-page, and off-page SEO practices.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of SERP features and how they can either benefit or pose challenges to your website. Develop a robust and measurable strategy that aligns with your objectives. Invest in SEO for the long term and allocate the necessary resources to support it.

Additionally, make the most of AI within your organization, processes, and potential opportunities. Stay up to date and avoid falling behind.

However, while embracing new advancements, it is crucial not to lose sight of the tactics that are currently propelling you toward your goals. Do not abandon ship when it comes to SEO.

Although we might refer to it differently in the future, SEO is not fading away. It will continue to evolve and transform in response to the changing landscape. People will always be searching and seeking information, while brands and organizations will strive to be discovered. This fundamental principle remains unchanged, even as technology, channels, and methods evolve.

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