5 Ways to maintain SEO ranking after website redesign

Website redesign and SEO for the website are two terms that we discuss every day. If you need to look professional and reliable to the customers, you need a professional-looking website with detailed information about your products and services. It must provide a seamless experience to the customers. More than that, it should appear at the top of the search results. The longer you maintain the first three positions, the better it is. 

Now, to maintain the professionalism and user experience of the website, we often do the website redesign. Does it affect the SEO of the website? You often refine the content, change the layout, optimize the images, codes, and UI, and do a total overhaul once in a while. Though it is normal, the question is, how do you maintain the SEO after the redesign? or what is website redesign SEO?

As you do the overhaul, optimization, or content replacements, there is going to be a significant drop in the traffic and leads. Sometimes, it affects drastically that the SEO for the website goes down completely. 

How will you be able to maintain the SEO for the website? How can you simplify the transition? How do you prevent it from negatively affecting your business ranking and website traffic?

Now, let us discuss the 5 ways to maintain SEO ranking after website redesign in detail. 

5 ways to maintain SEO ranking after a website redesign

To maintain the SEO for a website, you must ensure that you practice the below five methods strictly without compromise. 

  1. Run an SEO audit & carry over important SEO elements
  2. Preserve high-quality content
  3. Redirect all the URLs to the updated website
  4. Implement On-Page SEO
  5. Reinstall your SSL

Meanwhile, you must also look for other ways to improve the SEO ranking simultaneously. 

Run an SEO audit and carry over SEO elements. 

The first and topmost priority when you do the website redesign is that you do the SEO audit first and identify the most important and high-ranking SEO elements. Secondly, you need to carry over the SEO elements to your new website so that you will be able to maintain the SEO ranking after the website redesign. 

The SEO audit will help you identify the ranking keywords, pages, content, meta, title tags, etc. Do not change any of these. It is important that you carry over all these data unchanged to the updated website. It will help you maintain the SEO ranking. 

Preserve high-quality content

When you do the website redesign, you must maintain high-quality content and try to minimize the changes for the sake of SEO for the website. If you have high-quality blogs, articles, webpages, and more with keywords, do not change this content. Keep the meta-information intact when you transfer these to your new website. 

Remember that any drastic changes cause heavy and you will lose your website ranking. Try to reduce changes to the domain, URLs, meta information, high-quality optimized content, etc. 

Redirect all the URLs to the updated website

During a website redesign, you must remember that users often try to go through their bookmarks or browsing history to revisit a page. Therefore, it is important for you to redirect all the URLs to the updated website to maintain SEO ranking after the website redesign. 

Redirects are a good idea for both the users and the search engines. You need to implement the URL redirects perfectly so that they can access the web pages easily. There are two types of redirects that works – 301 and 302. 301 is all about informing that your page has been moved permanently, and 302 take your customers to a new page. Both redirects help you maintain SEO for a website

Implement on-page SEO

To maintain SEO ranking after a website redesign, you should immediately implement on-page SEO. This reduces the negative impacts of losing SEO ranking and gives you immediate recovery. Let us see some of the on-page SEO practices.

  • Robot-friendly URLs: – A clear and simple URL with keywords in it, limited to a character length of 115 or less.  
  • Meta Title & Description: – It is significantly important to maintain SEO ranking, therefore, keep the meta title to 60 characters and the description to 160 characters in length. 
  • H1 Tags: – H1 tags is the visible header tag that allows search engines to index it correctly and tell what the page is all about. 
  • Optimized Keywords: – Keywords help you rank your page efficiently so that your website appears in the top search results easily. 
  • Restore internal links: – You must try to avoid broken links to maintain consistency in your SEO ranking. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the changes and ensure proper landing pages are in place. 

Reinstall your SSL

As you know SSL is a protocol that encrypts communication signals and is used by HTTPS. It is normal that you lose the SSL when you redesign a website. Therefore, you must reinstall your SSL at the earliest to keep the website information and the user’s information private and secure. 

SSL protects client-server communication, authenticates a website, and emphasizes its security policies. It is also a vital factor for SEO ranking. 

Wrapping up on SEO for website and SEO ranking

As we now have discussed 5 ways to maintain SEO ranking after a website redesign, it’s time high time that you understand the importance and criticality of SEO ranking better. These factors help you make consistent performance, maintain SEO ranking, and offer a better user experience. 

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